Three C’s

We’ve heard of the three R’s – what are the three Cs?

Curriculum There is no definite curriculum for Eco-Schools around the world and one appropriate way of improving on environmental learning in schools is to take good look at areas of the country’s existing curriculum and re-orientate it around sustainable development by finding areas to focus on the nine Eco-Schools themes.
Campus With the introduction of Eco-Schools programme in the daily operation of schools, participating schools are encouraged identify existing projects, policies and plans which touch upon Eco-Schools themes. Schools can then find ways to provide more practical opportunities for students and adults to engage with these and begin to see real improvements made.
Community Eco-Schools seeks to strengthen school and local community partnerships to support the school. When students are given the opportunity to learn about sustainable development issues within their community and the wider world, they understand their own roles and responsibilities towards their environment and are empowered to make a difference.