Step 3: Environmental Review

The environmental review is a survey that looks at the school’s current activities and its environmental performance and identifies areas for improvement.

The Eco-Schools Committee will work with other staff members and students to review the projects, activities and curricula that already exist across the ten Eco-Schools Indian Ocean themes. The results of the environmental review should inform the other Eco-Schools steps.

At the start of the programme, it might be useful to use the Eco-Schools Indian Ocean wall planner to help select the areas of concern for the school.


The wall planner allows you to brainstorm all the current activities at your school within each of the ten Eco-Schools Indian Ocean themes in the three areas of Curriculum, Campus and Community.

As the programme develops, the environmental review survey template will be of more use.

It is recommended that an environmental review be carried out annually to measure and evaluate progress. This review is an effective way to evaluate objectives and compare achievements with those of the previous year(s).