Loreto College Curepipe Mauritius: Mangrove Clean up at Ramsar site Pointe D’esny


Our LCC Go Green Eco team are committed to be change agents of the future and continue to make a difference through their ecological actions.

On 12th November 2018, the LCC GO GREEN Eco club together with NGO Eco Sud participated in the Mangrove Clean up at Ramsar site Pointe D’Esny.

The Eco agents had a brief from the Eco sud representatives- Hanishta and Sydney on the Ramsar site, its importance how they help to clean the water in wetlands, types of mangroves in Mauritius,their ecosystem and how they are habitats for many marine species such fish and crabs.


  • The Rhizophora belt along Mauritian coastal line is narrow owing to low tidal range of 0.5m and topographical features. Mangroves are found in estuaries and sheltered lagoons. Mangroves cover an area of about 20 km2 in Mauritius.
  • Loss of biodiversity due to the destruction of wetlands, mangroves and corals is one of the priority issues identified in the National Environment Strategies. Mangrove and Coral reef management and protection is one of the key strategies in addressing coastal zone challenges in Mauritius.