Loreto College Curepipe Mauritius: Inspiring the St Joseph College

How LCC motivated the setting up of the SJC Eco Club.

Testimony from Mrs Clairette Delard the Eco club coordinator at St Joseph college

On the 10th of January 2019, my daughter, Ambre, took her first steps in the LCC family as a Grade 7 student.  As a parent, I was invited by the college to attend a meeting in the college hall. There, I learnt more about the LCC Go Green Club and how the latter encourage the girls to beat plastic pollution by reducing their use of plastic bottles.  Deeply touched by what I heard, I decided on that very day  to buy reusable water containers for each member of the family and I have also started to throw plastic bottles used at home in eco bins of my locality.   I try as far as possible to apply the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in my everyday life.

At St Joseph’s College where I work, some teachers and I felt the urge of creating an Eco club.  Fifteen boys showed their interest in the project.  However, during the first two terms, we found it difficult to have a well-structured club and we realised that it was not an easy task.

At the beginning of the third term, we contacted Mrs Zaahirah who kindly accepted to make us visit the LCC and get an idea of what was being done by the LCC Go Green Club. My colleagues, Nathaniel Antonio, VarshaBundhoo and I accompanied ten students and we were amazed by the tremendous work done by the club over the years.  We were enriched by this visit and came back with lots of ideas and projects.  As from that day, the SJC Eco Club has been inspired to act.  I warmly thank the LCC Go Green Club on behalf of the SJC Eco Club.


Clairette Delard

SJC Eco Club Member