Loreto College Curepipe Mauritius: “Inper saler dan nou l’hiver”

In 2019 LCC, as an eco-school aims at moving towards a zero waste institution by 2025 thus reducing its ecological footprint . The Eco club firmly believes that students should get engaged in community service where they can witness how much their work and effort can have an impact on the world, especially when the activity serves a worthy cause. The girls participating in this activity hope that their actions will become contagious and thus be step stones to other new projects. So,the LCC Go Green Eco Club has launched a campaign ‘Inpe saler dan nou l’hiver’. As stated in Global Citizenship. IBVM Educators Perspective 2017, ‘Project Based learning and Community Service contribute in developing global citizens’. In line with this campaign, students of grade 12 who are involved in the LCC Go Green Eco club monitored by the eco-mentors, are sewing quilts, bed sheets, bags and pillows with textile wastes obtained from Laguna Textile. In doing this hand on activity, the students learn a lot about upcycling materials and how they themselves can create valuable products out of wastes that can be very helpful for daily use. In this particular context, the quilts, the bed sheets and the other items will be distributed to some needy families during the winter season in 2020.