Awards criteria

Remember Eco-Schools is about ongoing commitment towards sustainability efforts within the three Cs – Curriculum Campus and Community.

Level Requirements
Bronze Level Eco-Schools committee established, Environmental Review conducted, Eco-Code and Action plan developed consisting of at least one theme linked to Curriculum
Silver Level 1 Campus based Project and at least two themes linked to Curriculum (including theme from Year 1)
Green Flag Three themes have been addressed on the Campus with well developed Curriculum links, at least one Campus based Project for each and with(including themes from Years 1 – 2) strong involvement from the wider community

Both the Bronze and Silver Level are self assessed through an online checklist (with appropriate evidence gathered in the Portfolio for the Green Flag external assessment).

Ready for your Bronze or Silver level? (links to online checklist linked to schools own page?)

The Schools will receive a congratulatory email or text and their progress will be publicised on the Eco-Schools Indian Ocean website News Feed.

Make sure you celebrate every stage of your Eco-Schools journey. Why not make a banner, or a trophy out of recycled materials to award your school each time you move up a level?

Remember to inform the Eco-Schools Indian Ocean Team via our website, by email or by SMS once you reach each level and when you are ready for your Green Flag Assessment.